3.2. EVMS Ncurses interface

The EVMS Ncurses (evmsn) user interface is a menu-driven interface with characteristics similar to those of the EVMS GUI. Like the EVMS GUI, evmsn can accommodate new plug-ins and features without requiring any code changes.

The EVMS Ncurses user interface allows you to manage volumes on systems that do not have the X and GTK+ libraries that are required by the EVMS GUI.

3.2.1. Navigating through EVMS Ncurses

The EVMS Ncurses user interface initially displays a list of logical volumes similar to the logical volumes view in the EVMS GUI. Ncurses also provides a menu bar similar to the menu bar in the EVMS GUI.

A general guide to navigating through the layout of the Ncurses window is listed below:

  • Tab cycles you through the available views.

  • Status messages and tips are displayed on the last line of the screen.

  • Typing the accelerator character (the letter highlighted in red) for any menu item activates that item. For example, typing A in any view brings down the Actions menu.

  • Typing A + Q in a view quits the application.

  • Typing A + S in a view saves changes made during an evmsn session.

  • Use the up and down arrows to highlight an object in a view. Pressing Enter while an object in a view is highlighted presents a context popup menu.

  • Dismiss a context popup menu by pressing Esc or by selecting a menu item with the up and down arrows and pressing Enter to activate the menu item.

Dialog windows are similar in design to the EVMS GUI dialogs, which allow a user to navigate forwards and backwards through a series of dialogs using Next and Previous. A general guide to dialog windows is listed below:

  • Tab cycles you through the available buttons. Note that some buttons might not be available until a valid selection is made.

  • The left and right arrows can also be used to move to an available button.

  • Navigate a selection list with the up and down arrows.

  • Toggle the selection of an item in a list with spacebar.

  • Activate a button that has the current focus with Enter. If the button has an accelerator character (highlighted in red), you can also activate the button by typing the accelerator character regardless of whether the button has the current focus.

The EVMS Ncurses user interface, like the EVMS GUI, provides context menus for actions that are available only to the selected object in a view. Ncurses also provides context menus for items that are available from the Actions menu. These context menus present a list of commands available for a certain object.

3.2.2. Saving changes

All changes you make while in the EVMS Ncurses are only in memory until you save the changes. In order to make the changes permanent, save all changes before exiting. If you forget to save the changes and decide to exit the EVMS Ncurses interface, you will be reminded of the unsaved changes and be given the chance to save or discard the changes before exiting.

To explicitly save all changes, press A + S and confirm that you want to save changes.