Windows+BSD+Linux Installation Guide

Subhasish Ghosh

[email protected]
Version: v1.0
Last updated: April 7th, 2003

Revision History:

  • v1.0: Initial release, reviewed by Linux Documentation Project (LDP). A few structural changes and minor corrections made; Chapters on "Troubleshooting" and "Installing OpenBSD 3.2-RELEASE" added. 

Welcome! This document explains how three different operating systems can be installed and configured on the same hard disk of a computer. The reader may choose from: Microsoft Windows 95/98(Second Edition)/Millennium edition(ME)/NT/2K/XP + FreeBSD 4.7-RELEASE/OpenBSD 3.2-RELEASE + Linux. Only Intel architecture multi-booting is discussed and GNU GRUB is the boot-loader of choice. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact me by e-mail at this address: [email protected]. Thank you!

Note: In the Organization section, readers must choose to either execute Chapter 3 or Chapter 4, but 'not' both.  

1. Introduction

2. FAQ

3. Organization

4. Troubleshooting

5. Conclusion

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