7.2.4 Setting the Fill Tile and Stipple

Some displays have hardware support for tiling or stippling with patterns of specific sizes. Tiling and stippling operations that restrict themselves to those specific sizes run much faster than such operations with arbitrary size patterns. Xlib provides functions that you can use to determine the best size, tile, or stipple for the display as well as to set the tile or stipple shape and the tile or stipple origin.

To obtain the best size of a tile, stipple, or cursor, use XQueryBestSize().

To obtain the best fill tile shape, use XQueryBestTile().

To obtain the best stipple shape, use XQueryBestStipple().

To set the fill tile of a given GC, use XSetTile().

To set the stipple of a given GC, use XSetStipple().

To set the tile or stipple origin of a given GC, use XSetTSOrigin().

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