XcmsCCC XcmsCreateCCC(display, screen_number, visual, client_white_point, compression_proc,
                    compression_client_data, white_adjust_proc, white_adjust_client_data)
      Display *display;
      int screen_number;
      Visual *visual;
      XcmsColor *client_white_point;
      XcmsCompressionProc compression_proc;
      XPointer compression_client_data;
      XcmsWhiteAdjustProc white_adjust_proc;
      XPointer white_adjust_client_data;


display Specifies the connection to the X server.
screen_number Specifies the appropriate screen number on the host server.
visual Specifies the visual type.
client_white_point Specifies the Client White Point. If NULL is specified, the Client White Point is to be assumed to be the same as the Screen White Point. Note that the pixel member is ignored.
compression_proc Specifies the gamut compression procedure that is to be applied when a color lies outside the screen's color gamut. If NULL is specified and a function using this CCC must convert a color specification to a device-dependent format and encounters a color that lies outside the screen's color gamut, that function will return XcmsFailure.
compression_client_data Specifies client data for use by the gamut compression procedure or NULL.
white_adjust_proc Specifies the white adjustment procedure that is to be applied when the Client White Point differs from the Screen White Point. NULL indicates that no white point adjustment is desired.
white_adjust_client_data Specifies client data for use with the white point adjustment procedure or NULL.


The XcmsCreateCCC() function creates a CCC for the specified display, screen, and visual.

See also

DisplayOfCCC(), XcmsCCCOfColormap(), XcmsConvertColors(), XcmsDefaultCCC(), XcmsFreeCCC(), XcmsSetWhitePoint(), "Creating and Freeing a Color Conversion Context".
Christophe Tronche, [email protected]