XcmsCompressionProc XcmsSetCompressionProc(ccc, compression_proc, client_data)
      XcmsCCC ccc;
      XcmsCompressionProc compression_proc;
      XPointer client_data;


ccc Specifies the CCC.
compression_proc Specifies the gamut compression procedure that is to be applied when a color lies outside the screen's color gamut. If NULL is specified and a function using this CCC must convert a color specification to a device-dependent format and encounters a color that lies outside the screen's color gamut, that function will return XcmsFailure .
client_data Specifies client data for the gamut compression procedure or NULL.


The XcmsSetCompressionProc() function first sets the gamut compression procedure and client data in the specified CCC with the newly specified procedure and client data and then returns the old procedure.

See also

"Modifying Attributes of a Color Conversion Context".
Christophe Tronche, [email protected]