Status XcmsCIELuvQueryMinL(ccc, hue_angle, chroma, color_return)
      XcmsCCC ccc;
      XcmsFloat hue_angle;
      XcmsFloat chroma;
      XcmsColor *color_return;


ccc Specifies the CCC. The CCC's Client White Point and white point adjustment procedures are ignored.
hue_angle Specifies the hue angle (in degrees) at which to find minimum lightness.
chroma Specifies the chroma at which to find minimum lightness.
color_return Returns the CIE L*u*v* coordinates of minimum lightness displayable by the screen for the given hue angle and chroma. The white point associated with the returned color specification is the Screen White Point. The value returned in the pixel member is undefined.


The XcmsCIELuvQueryMinL() function, given a hue angle and chroma, finds the point of minimum lightness (L*) displayable by the screen. It returns this point in CIE L*u*v* coordinates. An XcmsFailure return value usually indicates that the given chroma is beyond maximum for the given hue angle.

See also

XcmsCIELuvQueryMaxC(), XcmsCIELuvQueryMaxL(), XcmsCIELuvQueryMaxLC(), XcmsQueryBlack(), XcmsTekHVCQueryMaxC(), "CIELuv Queries".
Christophe Tronche, [email protected]