2.2 Obtaining Information about the Display, Image Formats, or Screens

The Xlib library provides a number of useful macros and corresponding functions that return data from the Display structure. The macros are used for C programming, and their corresponding function equivalents are for other language bindings. This section discusses the:

All other members of the Display structure (that is, those for which no macros are defined) are private to Xlib and must not be used. Applications must never directly modify or inspect these private members of the Display structure.


The XDisplayWidth(), XDisplayHeight(), XDisplayCells(), XDisplayPlanes(), XDisplayWidthMM(), and XDisplayHeightMM() functions in the next sections are misnamed. These functions really should be named Screenwhatever and XScreenwhatever, not Displaywhatever or XDisplaywhatever. Our apologies for the resulting confusion.

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