XFreeFontInfo(names, free_info, actual_count)
      char **names;
      XFontStruct *free_info;
      int actual_count;


names Specifies the list of font names.
free_info Specifies the font information.
actual_count Specifies the actual number of font names.


The XFreeFontInfo() function frees a font structure or an array of font structures, and optionally an array of font names. If NULL is passed for names, no font names are freed. If a font structure for an open font (returned by XLoadQueryFont()) is passed, the structure is freed but the font is not closed; use XUnloadFont() to close the font.

See also

XFreeFontNames(), XListFonts(), XListFontsWithInfo(), XLoadFont(), XSetFontPath(), "Obtaining and Freeing Font Names and Information".
Christophe Tronche, [email protected]