9.2 Controlling the Lifetime of a Window

The save-set of a client is a list of other clients' windows that, if they are inferiors of one of the client's windows at connection close, should not be destroyed and should be remapped if they are unmapped. For further information about close-connection processing, see "X Server Connection Close Operations". To allow an application's window to survive when a window manager that has reparented a window fails, Xlib provides the save-set functions that you can use to control the longevity of subwindows that are normally destroyed when the parent is destroyed. For example, a window manager that wants to add decoration to a window by adding a frame might reparent an application's window. When the frame is destroyed, the application's window should not be destroyed but be returned to its previous place in the window hierarchy.

The X server automatically removes windows from the save-set when they are destroyed.

To add or remove a window from the client's save-set, use XChangeSaveSet().

To add a window to the client's save-set, use XAddToSaveSet().

To remove a window from the client's save-set, use XRemoveFromSaveSet().

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