3.9 Changing Window Attributes

Xlib provides functions that you can use to set window attributes. XChangeWindowAttributes() is the more general function that allows you to set one or more window attributes provided by the XSetWindowAttributes structure. The other functions described in this section allow you to set one specific window attribute, such as a window's background.

To change one or more attributes for a given window, use XChangeWindowAttributes().

To set the background of a window to a given pixel, use XSetWindowBackground().

To set the background of a window to a given pixmap, use XSetWindowBackgroundPixmap().

To change and repaint a window's border to a given pixel, use XSetWindowBorder().

To change and repaint the border tile of a given window, use XSetWindowBorderPixmap().

To set the colormap of a given window, use XSetWindowColormap().

To define which cursor will be used in a window, use XDefineCursor().

To undefine the cursor in a given window, use XUndefineCursor().

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