6.41. Как сделать VPN?

Для этого имеется пакет IPSec. вот сообщение из списка рассылки: Quoting David W. Chapman Jr. ([email protected]): > Does anyone know how to setup VPN or PPTP on freebsd? I have a setup working with ppp over ssh. Scripts, netmap and ipfw info are available at http://www.ishiboo.com/~nirva/vpn/. I had most of an OpenBSD<-->FreeBSD w/ OpenBSD IPSec patches VPN working, but the port of the patches seems to have broken something, and i can't get it all working.. KAME didnt support tunneling last I looked, maybe it does now... http://www.kame.net. -- ___________________________________________________________________________ Danny Dulai Feet. Pumice. Lotion. http://www.ishiboo.com/~nirva/ [email protected]