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Need help with finding the linked list of unacked sk_buffs in TCP

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Keywords: sk_buff linked list
Date: Thu, 05 Dec 1996 02:40:41 GMT
From: Vijay Gupta <[email protected]>


	I have been trying to build a protocol
similar to TCP within the Linux kernel for a
mobile computing environment.

	For that, I need to look at the list of
unacknowledged sk_buffs in order to change their
headers so that I can send them through a new

	I have tried sk->send_head, sk->send_tail
but without any success. In spite of there being
around 36-37 unacknowledged segments, there is
still nothing which I get by following the next
or prev pointers of send_head and send_tail.

	Can anyone help me tell which other place
I can look into ?

	Any help will be greatly appreciated. If
you can also cc the reply to [email protected],
then that would be great.

Thanks a lot, Vijay