char *XDefaultString()


The XDefaultString() function returns the default string used by Xlib for text conversion (for example, in XmbTextPropertyToTextList()). The default string is the string in the current locale that is output when an unconvertible character is found during text conversion. If the string returned by XDefaultString() is the empty string (""), no character is output in the converted text. XDefaultString() does not return NULL.

The string returned by XDefaultString() is independent of the default string for text drawing; see XCreateFontSet() to obtain the default string for an XFontSet .

The behavior when an invalid codepoint is supplied to any Xlib function is undefined.

The returned string is null-terminated. It is owned by Xlib and should not be modified or freed by the client. It may be freed after the current locale is changed. Until freed, it will not be modified by Xlib.

See also

XmbTextListToTextProperty(), XwcTextListToTextProperty(), XmbTextPropertyToTextList(), XwcTextPropertyToTextList(), XwcFreeStringList(), XSetTextProperty(), XStringListToTextProperty(), "Converting String Lists".
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