int XmbTextListToTextProperty(display, list, count, style, text_prop_return)
      Display *display;
      char **list;
      int count;
      XICCEncodingStyle style;
      XTextProperty *text_prop_return;

int XwcTextListToTextProperty(display, list, count, style, text_prop_return)
      Display *display;
      wchar_t **list;
      int count;
      XICCEncodingStyle style;
      XTextProperty *text_prop_return;


display Specifies the connection to the X server.
list Specifies a list of null-terminated character strings.
count Specifies the number of strings specified.
style Specifies the manner in which the property is encoded.
text_prop_return Returns the XTextProperty structure.


The XmbTextListToTextProperty() and XwcTextListToTextProperty() functions set the specified XTextProperty value to a set of null-separated elements representing the concatenation of the specified list of null-terminated text strings. A final terminating null is stored at the end of the value field of text_prop_return but is not included in the nitems member.

The functions set the encoding field of text_prop_return to an Atom for the specified display naming the encoding determined by the specified style and convert the specified text list to this encoding for storage in the text_prop_return value field. If the style XStringStyle or XCompoundTextStyle is specified, this encoding is ``STRING'' or ``COMPOUND_TEXT'', respectively. If the style XTextStyle is specified, this encoding is the encoding of the current locale. If the style XStdICCTextStyle is specified, this encoding is ``STRING'' if the text is fully convertible to STRING, else ``COMPOUND_TEXT''.

If insufficient memory is available for the new value string, the functions return XNoMemory. If the current locale is not supported, the functions return XLocaleNotSupported. In both of these error cases, the functions do not set text_prop_return.

To determine if the functions are guaranteed not to return XLocaleNotSupported, use XSupportsLocale.

If the supplied text is not fully convertible to the specified encoding, the functions return the number of unconvertible characters. Each unconvertible character is converted to an implementation-defined and encoding-specific default string. Otherwise, the functions return Success. Note that full convertibility to all styles except XStringStyle is guaranteed.

To free the storage for the value field, use XFree().

See also

XmbTextPropertyToTextList(), XwcTextPropertyToTextList(), XwcFreeStringList(), XDefaultString(), XSetTextProperty(), XStringListToTextProperty(), "Converting String Lists".
Christophe Tronche, [email protected]