Status XcmsAddFunctionSet(function_set)
      XcmsFunctionSet *function_set;


function_set Specifies the function set to add.


The XcmsAddFunctionSet() function adds a function set to the color management system. If the function set uses device-dependent XcmsColorSpace structures not accessible in the color management system, XcmsAddFunctionSet() adds them. If an added XcmsColorSpace structure is for a device-dependent color space not registered with the X Consortium, they should be treated as private to the client because format values for unregistered color spaces are assigned at run time. If references to an unregistered color space must be made outside the client (for example, storing color specifications in a file using the unregistered color space), then reference should be made by color space prefix (see XcmsFormatOfPrefix() and XcmsPrefixOfFormat()).

Additional function sets should be added before any calls to other Xlib routines are made. If not, the XcmsPerScrnInfo member of a previously created XcmsCCC does not have the opportunity to initialize with the added function set.

See Also

"Adding Function Sets".
Christophe Tronche, [email protected]