int (*XSetErrorHandler(handler))()
      int (*handler)(Display *, XErrorEvent *)


handler Specifies the program's supplied error handler.


Xlib generally calls the program's supplied error handler whenever an error is received. It is not called on BadName errors from OpenFont, LookupColor, or AllocNamedColor protocol requests or on BadFont errors from a QueryFont protocol request. These errors generally are reflected back to the program through the procedural interface. Because this condition is not assumed to be fatal, it is acceptable for your error handler to return; the returned value is ignored. However, the error handler should not call any functions (directly or indirectly) on the display that will generate protocol requests or that will look for input events. The previous error handler is returned.

See also

XDisplayName(), XGetErrorDatabaseText(), XGetErrorText(), XOpenDisplay(), XSetIOErrorHandler(), XSynchronize(), "Using the Default Error Handlers".
Christophe Tronche, [email protected]