Status XInitImage(image)
      XImage *image;


ximage Specifies the image.


The XInitImage() function initializes the internal image manipulation routines of an image structure, based on the values of the various structure members. All fields other than the manipulation routines must already be initialized. If the bytes_per_line member is zero, XInitImage() will assume the image data is contiguous in memory and set the bytes_per_line member to an appropriate value based on the other members; otherwise, the value of bytes_per_line is not changed. All of the manipulation routines are initialized to functions that other Xlib image manipulation functions need to operate on the the type of image specified by the rest of the structure.

This function must be called for any image constructed by the client before passing it to any other Xlib function. Image structures created or returned by Xlib do not need to be initialized in this fashion.

This function returns a nonzero status if initialization of the structure is successful. It returns zero if it detected some error or inconsistency in the structure, in which case the image is not changed.


See also

XAddPixel(), XCreateImage(), XDestroyImage(), XGetPixel(), XPutImage(), XPutPixel(), XGetSubImage(), "Transferring Images between Client and Server".
Christophe Tronche, [email protected]