XPutImage(display, d, gc, image, src_x, src_y, dest_x, dest_y, width, height)
        Display *display;
        Drawable d;
        GC gc;
        XImage *image;
        int src_x, src_y;
        int dest_x, dest_y;
        unsigned int width, height;


display Specifies the connection to the X server.
d Specifies the drawable.
gc Specifies the GC.
image Specifies the image you want combined with the rectangle.
src_x Specifies the offset in X from the left edge of the image defined by the XImage structure.
src_y Specifies the offset in Y from the top edge of the image defined by the XImage structure.
Specify the x and y coordinates, which are relative to the origin of the drawable and are the coordinates of the subimage.
Specify the width and height of the subimage, which define the dimensions of the rectangle.


The XPutImage() function combines an image with a rectangle of the specified drawable. The section of the image defined by the src_x, src_y, width, and height arguments is drawn on the specified part of the drawable. If XYBitmap format is used, the depth of the image must be one, or a BadMatch error results. The foreground pixel in the GC defines the source for the one bits in the image, and the background pixel defines the source for the zero bits. For XYPixmap and ZPixmap , the depth of the image must match the depth of the drawable, or a BadMatch error results.

If the characteristics of the image (for example, byte_order and bitmap_unit) differ from what the server requires, XPutImage() automatically makes the appropriate conversions.

This function uses these GC components: function, plane-mask, subwindow-mode, clip-x-origin, clip-y-origin, and clip-mask. It also uses these GC mode-dependent components: foreground and background.

XPutImage() can generate BadDrawable , BadGC , BadMatch , and BadValue errors.


BadDrawable A value for a Drawable argument does not name a defined Window or Pixmap.
BadGC A value for a GContext argument does not name a defined GContext.
BadMatch An InputOnly window is used as a Drawable.
BadMatch Some argument or pair of arguments has the correct type and range but fails to match in some other way required by the request.
BadValue Some numeric value falls outside the range of values accepted by the request. Unless a specific range is specified for an argument, the full range defined by the argument's type is accepted. Any argument defined as a set of alternatives can generate this error.

See also

XAddPixel(), XCreateImage(), XDestroyImage(), XGetPixel(), XInitImage(), XPutPixel(), XGetSubImage(), "Transferring Images between Client and Server".
Christophe Tronche, [email protected]