Bool XGetFontProperty(font_struct, atom, value_return)
      XFontStruct *font_struct;
      Atom atom;
      unsigned long *value_return;


font_struct Specifies the storage associated with the font.
atom Specifies the atom for the property name you want returned.
value_return Returns the value of the font property.


Given the atom for that property, the XGetFontProperty() function returns the value of the specified font property. XGetFontProperty() also returns False if the property was not defined or True if it was defined. A set of predefined atoms exists for font properties, which can be found in X11/Xatom.h . This set contains the standard properties associated with a font. Although it is not guaranteed, it is likely that the predefined font properties will be present.

See also

XCreateGC(), XFreeFont(), XListFonts(), XLoadFont(), XLoadQueryFont(), XQueryFont(), XSetFontPath(), XUnloadFont(), "Loading and Freeing Fonts".
Christophe Tronche, [email protected]