void XrmCombineDatabase(source_db, target_db, override)
      XrmDatabase source_db, *target_db;
      Bool override;


source_db Specifies the resource database that is to be merged into the target database.
target_db Specifies the resource database into which the source database is to be merged.
override Specifies whether source entries override target ones.


The XrmCombineDatabase() function merges the contents of one database into another. If the same specifier is used for an entry in both databases, the entry in the source_db will replace the entry in the target_db if override is True; otherwise, the entry in source_db is discarded. If target_db contains NULL, XrmCombineDatabase() simply stores source_db in it. Otherwise, source_db is destroyed by the merge, but the database pointed to by target_db is not destroyed. The database entries are merged without changing values or types, regardless of the locales of the databases. The locale of the target database is not modified.

See also

XrmCombineFileDatabase(), XrmGetResource(), XrmInitialize(), XrmMergeDatabases(), XrmPutResource(), "Merging Resource Databases".
Christophe Tronche, [email protected]