Bool XrmGetResource(database, str_name, str_class, str_type_return, value_return)
     XrmDatabase database;
     char *str_name;
     char *str_class;
     char **str_type_return;
     XrmValue *value_return;


database Specifies the database that is to be used.
str_name Specifies the fully qualified name of the value being retrieved (as a string).
str_class Specifies the fully qualified class of the value being retrieved (as a string).
str_type_return Returns the representation type of the destination (as a string).
value_return Returns the value in the database.


The XrmGetResource() function retrieves a resource from the specified database. It takes a fully qualified name/class pair, a destination resource representation, and the address of a value (size/address pair). The value and returned type point into database memory; therefore, you must not modify the data.

See also

XrmInitialize(), XrmMergeDatabases(), XrmPutResource(), XrmQGetResource(), XrmQGetSearchList(), XrmQGetSearchResource(), XrmUniqueQuark(), "Looking Up Resources".
Christophe Tronche, [email protected]