Bool XrmQGetSearchResource(list, name, class, type_return, value_return)
     XrmSearchList list;
     XrmName name;
     XrmClass class;
     XrmRepresentation *type_return;
     XrmValue *value_return;


list Specifies the search list returned by XrmQGetSearchList().
name Specifies the resource name.
class Specifies the resource class.
type_return Returns data representation type.
value_return Returns the value in the database.


The XrmQGetSearchResource() function searches the specified database levels for the resource that is fully identified by the specified name and class. The search stops with the first match. XrmQGetSearchResource() returns True if the resource was found; otherwise, it returns False.

A call to XrmQGetSearchList() with a name and class list containing all but the last component of a resource name followed by a call to XrmQGetSearchResource() with the last component name and class returns the same database entry as XrmGetResource() and XrmQGetResource() with the fully qualified name and class.

See also

XrmGetResource(), XrmInitialize(), XrmMergeDatabases(), XrmPutResource(), XrmQGetResource(), XrmQGetSearchList(), XrmUniqueQuark(), "Looking Up Resources".
Christophe Tronche, [email protected]