void XrmQPutStringResource(database, bindings, quarks, value)
     XrmDatabase *database;
     XrmBindingList bindings;
     XrmQuarkList quarks;
     char *value;


database Specifies the resource database.
bindings Specifies a list of bindings.
quarks Specifies the complete or partial name or the class list of the resource.
value Specifies the value of the resource, which is specified as a string.


If database contains NULL, XrmQPutStringResource() creates a new database and returns a pointer to it. XrmQPutStringResource() is a convenience routine that constructs an XrmValue for the value string (by calling strlen to compute the size) and then calls XrmQPutResource(), using a ``String'' representation type. The value is stored in the database without modification.

See also

XrmGetResource(), XrmInitialize(), XrmMergeDatabases(), XrmPutLineResource(), XrmPutResource(), XrmPutStringResource(), XrmQPutResource(), XrmUniqueQuark(), "Storing Into a Resource Database".
Christophe Tronche, [email protected]