XrmDatabase XrmGetFileDatabase(filename)
     char *filename;


filename Specifies the resource database file name.


The XrmGetFileDatabase() function opens the specified file, creates a new resource database, and loads it with the specifications read in from the specified file. The specified file should contain a sequence of entries in valid ResourceLine format (see "Resource File Syntax"); the database that results from reading a file with incorrect syntax is implementation dependent. The file is parsed in the current locale, and the database is created in the current locale. If it cannot open the specified file, XrmGetFileDatabase() returns NULL.

See also

XrmDestroyDatabase(), XrmGetDatabase(), XrmGetResource(), XrmGetStringDatabase(), XrmInitialize(), XrmLocaleOfDatabase(), XrmPutFileDatabase(), XrmPutResource(), XrmSetDataBase(), "Creating and Storing Databases"
Christophe Tronche, [email protected]