void XrmPutFileDatabase(database, stored_db)
     XrmDatabase database;
     char *stored_db;


database Specifies the database that is to be used.
stored_db Specifies the file name for the stored database.


The XrmPutFileDatabase() function stores a copy of the specified database in the specified file. Text is written to the file as a sequence of entries in valid ResourceLine format (see "Resource File Syntax"). The file is written in the locale of the database. Entries containing resource names that are not in the Host Portable Character Encoding or containing values that are not in the encoding of the database locale, are written in an implementation dependent manner. The order in which entries are written is implementation dependent. Entries with representation types other than ``String'' are ignored.

See also

XrmDestroyDatabase(), XrmGetDatabase(), XrmGetFileDatabase(), XrmGetResource(), XrmGetStringDatabase(), XrmInitialize(), XrmLocaleOfDatabase(), XrmPutFileDatabase(), XrmPutResource(), XrmSetDataBase(), "Creating and Storing Databases"
Christophe Tronche, [email protected]