Autocompletion allows you to type the first few letters of a commonly used word (often technical or job specific), and tell KWord to finish typing the word for you. This is often very useful when you have lengthy technical words.

Using autocompletion

Using autocompletion could not be easier. Simply type the first few letters of the word you want KWord to finish, and press Ctrl-E. KWord will look through the list of autocompletion words and if it finds a word which begins with those letters, it will finish entering the remainder of the word.

Adding words to autocompletion

KWord maintains a list of words for each user that will be used for autocompletion.

You can add words to this list one of two ways:

  • KWord can automatically add new words to the completion list for later approval. This is selected using the dialog.

  • Individual words can be added to the list by using the dialog.

Configuring autocomplete

To configure autocompletion, select Settings->Configure Completion... from the menubar. This will bring up a dialog.

The first checkbox labeled Enable completion is used to toggle autocompletion on and off.

The second checkbox, labeled Automatically add new words to completion list will add any word equal to or longer than the Minimum word length to the list of proposed autocompletion words.

The large listbox in the center of the dialog contains the current proposed list of autocompletion words.


Not all words listed in the list box will be replaced when autocompletion is selected.

A word is not part of autocompletion until the list is saved to disk. At that moment, KWord will use that saved list for all autocompletion, until the list is replaced with another saved list.

Some of the words in the autocompletion list may not have been saved yet.

By clicking the Add Completion Entry button you can add an individual word to the completion list.

To remove words from the completion list, select the word with the левая кнопка мыши from the list, then click Remove Completion Entry.

To save the current list to disk and have KWord begin using this new list for autocompletion, click Save Completion List.

Use the spinbox/slider combination labeled Minimum word length: to prevent KWord from automatically adding short words to the completion list. You can select any value from 5-100.

The spinbox/slider combination labeled Maximum number of completion words: can be adjusted to allow more or less words into the autocompletion list. This option is most important when Automatically add words to completion list is enabled. This option keeps the list from becoming too cumbersome. You can select any value from 1 to 500.

If a mark is placed in the checkbox labeled Append space, then KWord adds a single space to the end of a word after autocompletion, this means it is not necessary to add the space manually for the next word.

Click OK to save your options. Click Cancel to abort all changes.

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