whatrus v.3.11 manual



  Whatrus is intended for recognizing encoding in file: alternative (for DOS, codepage 866), KOI-8 (for UNIX), Macintosh and Windows (codepage 1251).



  Flag '-s' is used to avoid messages.
  Windows operating system runs whatrus in a separate window which should be closed after program finished. To keep window and to let user to see result whatrus after recognition waits for key pressed. To avoid this use flag '-s'.



Example for  windows.
E:\EX>whatrus \\server\d\files\readme.txt
WIN detected.


  Return codes.

 255:   error occured
   0:   encoding not recognized
           recognized encoding:
  11:   alternative (for DOS, codepage 866)
  12:   KOI-8 (for UNIX)
  13:   Windows (codepage 1251)
  14:   Macintosh


Document created by Oleg A. Paraschenko
Last changes - 15 November 1998
[email protected]