1.3. New Versions

This is the 2.16.3 version of The Bugzilla Guide. It is so named to match the version of Bugzilla it is disributed with. If you are reading this from any source other than those below, please check one of these mirrors to make sure you are reading an up-to-date version of the Guide.

The newest version of this guide can always be found at bugzilla.org; including documentation for past releases and the current development version.

The documentation for the most recent stable release of Bugzilla can also be found at The Linux Documentation Project.

The latest version of this document can always be checked out via CVS. Please follow the instructions available at the Mozilla CVS page, and check out the mozilla/webtools/bugzilla/docs/ subtree.

The Bugzilla Guide is currently only available in English. If you would like to volunteer to translate it, please contact Dave Miller.