8.3. Submission to LDP

Once your LDP document has been carefully reviewed, you can release your document to the LDP. Send an e-mail with the SGML source code as an attachment (you may gzip it if you like) to .

Be sure to include the name of your HOWTO in the subject line, and use the body to outline changes you've made and attach your HOWTO. This allows the maintainers to do their jobs faster, so you will not have to wait for your HOWTO to be updated on the LDP web site. If you don't hear anything in 5 calendar days, please follow up with an e-mail to make sure things are still in process.

If your HOWTO contains extras, such as graphics or a special catalog, create a.tar.gz file with all the files in it including the .sgml source code and mail it as an attachment to the ldp-submit list.

If you are using the LDP CVS tree while developing your document, the LDP will still need to be notified when your document is ready to be published. E-mail should be sent to . Indicate the title of your document and the relative path to the file(s) in the LDP CVS tree within your message.