Where to Put Them

If you are brave you could install the shared libraries in a public place, for instance /usr/local/lib, however this might cause problems with other gcc-compiled programs. A more conservative approach is to put it in a dedicated directory and configure speech_tools to look there.

In either case got to your desired installation directory and do

unix$ cp GCC_BUILD_DIR/libgcc.so.2.7.2 . unix$ ln -s libgcc.so.2.7.2 libgcc.so unix$ cp LIBG++BUILD_DIR/libstdc++/libstdc++.so.2.7.2 . unix$ ln -s libstdc++.so.2.7.2 libstdc++.so
Where GCC_BUILD_DIR is the directory where you built the gcc library and LIBG++BUILD_DIR is where you built the g++ library.

If you have chosen to put those libraries in a dedicated directory, say `/foo/bar/gcc_shared_libs', you should add the following line to `speech_tools/config/config'

unix$ CONFIG_LIBS=-L/foo/bar/gcc_shared_libs
You will have to include that directory in your LD_LIBRARY_PATH when running any speech tools program.