13.4. Pointers to Additional Documentation

There is an incredible amount of documentation available for Linux and its applications. Most of this can be found on the web and in your local bookstore, but you will probably find that a large quantity of useful documentation is already available to you, having been loaded as part of the Red Hat Linux installation procedure.

The man pages are a must-view when you are trying to figure out how a command works. For example, if you are trying to figure out how to use the ``tar'' utility, you could type ``man tar'' and be provided with a very verbose description of tar including all of its command-line options.

You can find more general information in the ``/usr/doc/'' directory. Here you will find subdirectories which include documentation on utilities and commands, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) documents, as well as HOWTO documents providing good instruction on a variety of topics, such as how to set up networking, or install support for the Japanese language.

You should also look in the ``/usr/info/'' directory which contains tutorials on utilities, libraries, and applications such as emacs.

Finally, you should visit the Red Hat User's Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document at http://www.pobox.com/~aturner/RedHat-FAQ/ which contains a lot of helpful information specific to the Red Hat distribution of Linux.