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8.22.1 Boolean Capabilities

Variable 		 Cap. 		 Int.  		 Description

Name Code

auto_left_margin bw bw cub1 wraps from column 0 to last column

auto_right_margin am am Terminal has automatic margins

back_color_erase bce ut screen erased with background color

can_change ccc cc terminal can re-define exiting colors

ceol_standout_glitch xhp xs Standout not erased by overwriting (hp)

col_addr_glitch xhpa YA only positive motion for hpa/mhpa caps

cpi_changes_res cpix YF changing character pitch changes resolution

cr_cancels_micro_mode crxm YB using cr turns off micro mode

eat_newline_glitch xenl xn newline ignored after 80 cols (Concept)

erase_overstrike eo eo Can erase overstrikes with a blank

generic_type gn gn Generic line type (e.g.,, dialup, switch).

hard_copy hc hc Hardcopy terminal

hard_cursor chts HC cursor is hard to see

has_meta_key km km Has a meta key (shift, sets parity bit)

has_print_wheel daisy YC printer needs operator to change character set

has_status_line hs hs Has extra "status line"

hue_lightness_saturation hls hl terminal uses only HLS color notation


insert_null_glitch in in Insert mode distinguishes nulls

lpi_changes_res lpix YG changing line pitch changes resolution

memory_above da da Display may be retained above the screen

memory_below db db Display may be retained below the screen

move_insert_mode mir mi Safe to move while in insert mode

move_standout_mode msgr ms Safe to move in standout modes

needs_xon_xoff nxon nx padding won't work, xon/xoff required

no_esc_ctl_c xsb xb Beehive (f1=escape, f2=ctrl C)

non_rev_rmcup nrrmc NR smcup does not reverse rmcup

no_pad_char npc NP pad character does not exist

non_dest_scroll_region ndscr ND scrolling region is non-destructive

over_strike os os Terminal overstrikes

prtr_silent mc5i 5i printer won't echo on screen

row_addr_glitch xvpa YD only positive motion for vhp/mvpa caps

semi_auto_right_margin sam YE printing in last column causes cr

status_line_esc_ok eslok es Escape can be used on the status line

dest_tabs_magic_smso xt xt Tabs ruin, magic so char (Teleray 1061)

tilde_glitch hz hz Hazel-tine; can not print 's

transparent_underline ul ul underline character overstrikes

xon_xoff xon xo Terminal uses xon/xoff handshaking

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