XFIG Users Manual

New Features in xfig 3.2.3d

- New Imakefile variable XFIGDOCDIR points to directory for xfig doc files, which may be different from XFIGLIBDIR

- New aircraft from Carlo Kopp in Examples directory. These may be reproduced for educational and other non-commercial use only. - Support for importing PNG image files added

- GIF transparency for imported images honored by fig2dev now

- New option to print only active layers when exporting or printing (see printing/exporting section in html docs).

- When loading a compressed Fig file that is either read-only, or is on a read-only file system (e.g. a CDROM), xfig uncompresses it into the temp directory (env TMPDIR, or /tmp if TMPDIR environvment variable is undefined).

- New Maps library - currently contains Most Canadian provinces, USA coast and states, most of the continents and a world outline World outline map and United States by Steve Eichblatt ([email protected])

- I had forgotten to credit Kai-MartinKnaak for his Mechanical_DIN library of mechanical drawing symbols from July 1998

- New Chemical Process Flowsheet library by Volker Siepmann ([email protected])

- New Laptop computer and Ericsson R320 cell phone in Libraries/Computers from Dirko van Schalkwyk ([email protected])

- New PMOS FET (Field Effect Transistors) and NMOS FET library objects in Electrical/Schematic library - from Min Xu ([email protected])

- New network devices in Networks library from Bill Chimiak: atmswitch.fig - generic ATM switch dsu-csu.fig - Digital Service Unit/Channel Service Unit smartbit.fig - Netcom Smartbit network tester

- New Catalan flag in Flags library from Francesc Burrull i Mestres.

- New office building (office2.fig) in Buildings library from Brian V. Smith

- New variable PRINTCAP in Imakefile to specify where the printer capabilities file is (default /etc/printcap)

- New drawing: plan view of house and backyard (Examples/house_plans.fig) from Scott Gordon ([email protected]). It may not be used for profit without express written permission from Scott.

- xfig recalculates the bounds of compound objects read in from the file, ignoring the bounds values in the file. This makes it easier for Fig file generators to produce compound objects since they don't have to know how to calculate the bounds themselves. fig2dev doesn't even use those values but recalculates them upon reading the file.

- New VA Linux machines in Computers library from Yazz Atlas ([email protected])

- Increased maximum number of libraries to 100

- New and improved library object Computers/film_digitizer (and in Hospital/film_digitizer) from Bill Chimiak

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