XSetLineAttributes(display, gc, line_width, line_style, cap_style, join_style)
      Display *display;
      GC gc;
      unsigned int line_width;
      int line_style;
      int cap_style;
      int join_style;


display Specifies the connection to the X server.
gc Specifies the GC.
line_width Specifies the line-width you want to set for the specified GC.
line_style Specifies the line-style you want to set for the specified GC. You can pass LineSolid, LineOnOffDash, or LineDoubleDash.
cap_style Specifies the line-style and cap-style you want to set for the specified GC. You can pass CapNotLast, CapButt, CapRound, or CapProjecting.
join_style Specifies the line join-style you want to set for the specified GC. You can pass JoinMiter, JoinRound, or JoinBevel.


XSetLineAttributes() can generate BadAlloc , BadGC , and BadValue errors.


BadAlloc The server failed to allocate the requested source or server memory.
BadGC A value for a GContext argument does not name a defined GContext.
BadValue Some numeric value falls outside the range of values accepted by the request. Unless a specific range is specified for an argument, the full range defined by the argument's type is accepted. Any argument defined as a set of alternatives can generate this error.

See also

XCreateGC(), XQueryBestSize(), XSetArcMode(), XSetClipOrigin(), XSetDashes(), XSetFillStyle(), XSetFont(), XSetState(), XSetTile(), "Setting the Line Attributes and Dashes".
Christophe Tronche, [email protected]