XSetTransientForHint(display, w, prop_window)
      Display *display;
      Window w;
      Window prop_window;


display Specifies the connection to the X server.
w Specifies the window.
prop_window Specifies the window that the WM_TRANSIENT_FOR property is to be set to.


The XSetTransientForHint() function sets the WM_TRANSIENT_FOR property of the specified window to the specified prop_window.

XSetTransientForHint() can generate BadAlloc and BadWindow errors.


BadAlloc The server failed to allocate the requested source or server memory.
BadWindow A value for a Window argument does not name a defined Window.

See also

XAllocClassHint(), XAllocIconSize(), XAllocSizeHints(), XAllocWMHints(), XGetTransientForHint(), XSetCommand(), XSetTextProperty(), XSetWMClientMachine(), XSetWMColormapWindows(), XSetWMIconName(), XSetWMName(), XSetWMProperties(), XSetWMProtocols(), XStringListToTextProperty(), "Setting and Reading the WM_TRANSIENT_FOR Property".
Christophe Tronche, [email protected]