10.13.5 SelectionNotify Events

This event is generated by the X server in response to a ConvertSelection protocol request when there is no owner for the selection. When there is an owner, it should be generated by the owner of the selection by using XSendEvent(). The owner of a selection should send this event to a requestor when a selection has been converted and stored as a property or when a selection conversion could not be performed (which is indicated by setting the property member to None).

If None is specified as the property in the ConvertSelection protocol request, the owner should choose a property name, store the result as that property on the requestor window, and then send a SelectionNotify giving that actual property name.

The structure for this event type contains:

typedef struct {
	int type;		/* SelectionNotify */
	unsigned long serial;	/* # of last request processed by server */
	Bool send_event;	/* true if this came from a SendEvent request */
	Display *display;	/* Display the event was read from */
	Window requestor;
	Atom selection;
	Atom target;
	Atom property;		/* atom or None */
	Time time;
} XSelectionEvent;

The requestor member is set to the window associated with the requestor of the selection. The selection member is set to the atom that indicates the selection. For example, PRIMARY is used for the primary selection. The target member is set to the atom that indicates the converted type. For example, PIXMAP is used for a pixmap. The property member is set to the atom that indicates which property the result was stored on. If the conversion failed, the property member is set to None. The time member is set to the time the conversion took place and can be a timestamp or CurrentTime.

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