Pixmap XCreateBitmapFromData(display, d, data, width, height)
      Display *display;
      Drawable d;
      char *data;
      unsigned int width, height;


display Specifies the connection to the X server.
d Specifies the drawable that indicates the screen.
data Specifies the location of the bitmap data.
Specify the width and height.


The XCreateBitmapFromData() function allows you to include in your C program (using #include) a bitmap file that was written out by XWriteBitmapFile() (X version 11 format only) without reading in the bitmap file. The following example creates a gray bitmap:

#include "gray.bitmap"

Pixmap bitmap;
bitmap = XCreateBitmapFromData(display, window, gray_bits, gray_width, gray_height);

If insufficient working storage was allocated, XCreateBitmapFromData() returns None. It is your responsibility to free the bitmap using XFreePixmap() when finished.

XCreateBitmapFromData() can generate a BadAlloc and BadGC errors.


BadAlloc The server failed to allocate the requested source or server memory.
BadGC A value for a GContext argument does not name a defined GContext.

See also

XCreatePixmap(), XCreatePixmapFromBitmapData(), XPutImage(), XReadBitmapFile(), XWriteBitmapFile(), "Manipulating Bitmaps".
Christophe Tronche, [email protected]