9.3 Managing Installed Colormaps

The X server maintains a list of installed colormaps. Windows using these colormaps are guaranteed to display with correct colors; windows using other colormaps may or may not display with correct colors. Xlib provides functions that you can use to install a colormap, uninstall a colormap, and obtain a list of installed colormaps.

At any time, there is a subset of the installed maps that is viewed as an ordered list and is called the required list. The length of the required list is at most M, where M is the minimum number of installed colormaps specified for the screen in the connection setup. The required list is maintained as follows. When a colormap is specified to XInstallColormap(), it is added to the head of the list; the list is truncated at the tail, if necessary, to keep its length to at most M. When a colormap is specified to XUninstallColormap() and it is in the required list, it is removed from the list. A colormap is not added to the required list when it is implicitly installed by the X server, and the X server cannot implicitly uninstall a colormap that is in the required list.

To install a colormap, use XInstallColormap().

To uninstall a colormap, use XUninstallColormap().

To obtain a list of the currently installed colormaps for a given screen, use XListInstalledColormaps().

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