XSetWindowColormap(display, w, colormap)
      Display *display;
      Window w;
      Colormap colormap;


display Specifies the connection to the X server.
w Specifies the window.
colormap Specifies the colormap.


The XSetWindowColormap() function sets the specified colormap of the specified window. The colormap must have the same visual type as the window, or a BadMatch error results.

XSetWindowColormap() can generate BadColor, BadMatch, and BadWindow errors.


BadColor A value for a Colormap argument does not name a defined Colormap.
BadMatch An InputOnly window is used as a Drawable.
BadMatch Some argument or pair of arguments has the correct type and range but fails to match in some other way required by the request.
BadWindow A value for a Window argument does not name a defined Window.

See also

XChangeWindowAttributes(), XConfigureWindow(), XCreateWindow(), XDestroyWindow(), XInstallColormap(), XMapWindow(), XRaiseWindow(), XSetWindowBackground(), XSetWindowBackgroundPixmap(), XSetWindowBorder(), XSetWindowBorderPixmap(), XUnmapWindow(), "Changing Window Attributes"
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