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Интересные места в мире Linux

Общая информация
Welcome to the Linux Home Page
Linux on the Web
A list of linux resources on the Web
The Linux Counter
Registering the number of Linux users all over the world.
Mission Critical Linux Counter
Linux Documentation Project Home Page
Linux Software Map
Linux Software Map
Query Interface to the Linux Software Map Harvest Broker
Search Linux for...
Linux Applications and Utilities Page
Linux Benchmarks
The Lugnut page -- GNU/Linux Groups
Linux Users and Developers Directory Services
Linux International (in the USA)
Linux International (in the UK)
Linux: Give Your Computer A New Beginning
What the press are saying about Linux
Commercial Software Vendor Index
Linux Commercial-HOWTO
Linux for the Commercial Market?
Cygnus Support Information
Cygnus Support provides commercial support for Sourceware solutions.
The comp.os.linux.announce home page

Linux Journal
Linux Gazette A freely available, online gazette. All kinds of tips, tricks, ideas, and suggestions for making Linux fun.

Linux Distributions Compared
Debian Project
Debian is best known for its upgradability. Users can upgrade individual packages or entire systems when they become available without having to reformat and reinstall.
A 100% packaged-ized distribution, express install program, X-based configuration utilities, etc.
Caldera, Inc., delivers Linux for business through the Caldera Network Desktop for Internet Access.
Walnut Creek
Linux Internet Archives (6-CD set), Yggdrasil Plug & Play CD
Linux-FT CD sets

Некоторые архивы
В Екатеринбурге

В Москве[Kiarchive_root_directory]/linux
Linux - free unix-compatible operating system[Kiarchive_root_directory]/linux/ELF/andrew/
The famous ANDREW toolkit compiled in ELF format.[Kiarchive_root_directory]/linux/mini-linux/
MiniLinux distribution (4 diskettes)

В Зеленограде
В Хельсинки

В Америке
MIRRORS list on sunsite
The Linux Problem Solving Page
Software Victims of the 1.3 Kernel Development
Bleeding Edge Linux

Linux Documentation Project
Unix documentation (in Russian)
Linux Programmers Guide
Linux Security WWW
KerbNet security software
Cygnus' commercial implementation of MIT's Kerberos v5.
secure telnetd
The correct placement for this, once downloaded, is /usr/sbin/in.telnetd in Slackware 3.0.
The shadow password suite
The Scrdrv Project
The scrdrv project is intended to provide a General Graphics Interface (a bit like Windows GDI Concept) for ALL applications.
Supermount patch
Supermount will automatically take care of mounting and unmounting the sub-filesystem, msdos or iso9660, as disks are inserted and removed.
The MD device driver, which is a raid project for Linux
A CGI browser for the Linux kernel source
Linux kernel change summaries
Linux 2.0 Unofficial Kernel Patches
User Agents
The Mongrel of Mail User Agents
Knews Home Page
A threaded newsreader with an X Window interface. The articles in a thread are displayed as nodes in a tree.
slrn newsreader
Smart multi-file multi-part decoder for UUencoded, XXencoded and Base64-encoded files. Also includes a similarly powerful encoder.

TIS Firewall Toolkit on Linux
A linux packet sniffer
A tool to print all the information going through a socket transparently, to see the actual data, not the TCP packets.
Info systems
Grail is an extensible Internet browser. Grail is written and extensible in Python, a free object-oriented programming language.
Welcome to Arena
Arena: W3C's HTML3 browser.
It supports elements of HTML3, including tables, math and experimental style sheets.
WWW browser. Nice email support.
Woven Goods for LINUX
It is a collection of WWW Applications and Hypertext-based Information about LINUX.
The Java-Linux Porting Project
extends HTML browsers with interactive animations.
The VRML Repository
The VRML Repository
The Virtual Reality Web Browser
VRweb is a browser for 3D worlds and scenes modeled in the Virtual Reality Modeling Language (VRML).
An interactive geometry viewing program. It can be used as a standalone viewer for static objects or as a display engine for other programs which produce dynamically changing geometry.

Discussion of how to get/set up viewers for all sorts of context types as well as some links to pages on MIME and .mailcap.
A modularised, object oriented, high performance WWW server.
A very small and fast WWW server.
Web Servers Comparison
The list includes all Web servers which seem to be currently supported.
Linux Mobile-IP
supports transparent host mobility across TCP/IP networks.
STREAMS for Linux
DCE-RPC For Linux
DCE Core Services for Linux
ISDN for Linux
List of ISDN solutions for Linux.
Newton/Linux Communication System
ATM on Linux
Linux drivers for Sangoma Frame Relay cards
Cyber Radio 1
Internet radio broadcast software - client-server system.
Two-person bidirectional voice (and text) chat via a small-bandwidth TCP/IP network.

NetWare client filesystem
With ncpfs you can mount volumes of your novell server under Linux.
NetWare server emulator and IPX routing daemons.
Remote DOSEmu Development Control
The DOSEMU RoadMap

Wine is both a program loader and an emulation library that will allow Unix users to run MS Windows applications on an x86 hardware platform.
Wine: How Are Applications Running?
General Information
Pthreads is the POSIX 1003.1c thread standard put out by the IEEE standards committee.
Pthreads (POSIX threads)
Pthreads is a C library which implements POSIX threads for SunOS 4.1.x, Solaris 2.x, SCO UNIX, FreeBSD and Linux.

Distributed Processing
Linux SMP
Linux in High Performance Computing
Linux & ELF
Getting ELF on your Linux system
Getting ELF on your Linux system
Engineering and Scientific Stuff
Some Free Scientific Software Under Linux
Some Commercial, MatLab Alike, Mathematics and Statistics, Signal and Image Processing, Finite or Boundary Element, Numerical Analysis, CAD, Graph and Visulization, Plotting, Word Processing or Typesetting, X-Window GUI Builder, Misc and Others...
Graphics and analysis software
Data management and graphics
Numerical analysis and number crunching
Data formats
CAD, process control, data aquisition, engineering and scientific stuff.
Analog/digital channel device driver (CIO-DAS16).
The Linux Lab Project
Development of data collection and process control software for LINUX.
Waterloo Software Maple V for Linux.
MuPAD is a (parallel) general purpose computer algebra system. You won't notice many differences between Maple and MuPAD.
Linux for Hams
Bitmap to vector-based
Take pbm (bitmap) files and convert them to FIG 2.1 files.

Postgres95 Home Page
While Postgres95 retains the powerful data model and rich data types of POSTGRES, it replaces PostQuel with an extended subset of the intergalactic dataspeak, SQL. It is free and the complete source is available.
ESM (Exodus Storage Manager)
Client-server, distributed and very fast.
SHORE (Scalable Heterogeneous Object REpository)
Shore represents a merger of object-oriented database and file system technologies.
Oracle7 on Linux
HOWTO on the installation of Oracle7 for SCO on Linux.
FlagShip is a superset of Clipper 5.x and Dbase III for Unix. FlagShip is source code compatible with CA/Clipper 5.x, FoxBase 2.x (With FoxKit), and Dbase III. Very fast.
dBASE III+ compatible DBMS
The Just Logic/SQL Database Manager
is a relational database system made to be used from C and C++ applications.
Software AG's ADABAS D
on Caldera's Linux
The Free Database List
is an attempt to enumerate all known free databases.

FELT, a free 2D Finite Element analysis program
Linux-MicroStation - A Campaign
MicroStation is a cool CAD program
SISCAD-P is a powerful parametric 2D CAD system
Text Processing
LyX combines the comfortable usage of a WYSIWYG-wordprocessor with the high quality of LaTeX. LyX is easier to use than a losedows-wordprocessor and produces a *MUCH* nicer output. You can edit much larger texts on a small PC than with commercial WPs under another well known Operating Systems.
HyperTeX is a system for putting electronic links directly in TeX documents.
Linuxdoc-SGML is a text-formatting package based on SGML, which allows you to produce LaTeX, HTML, texinfo, and plain ASCII (via groff) from a single source.
MathSpad document preparation system
A structure editor that acts as a quasi-WYSIWYG interface to ascii mark-up languages. It is particularly oriented to the creation of (La)TeX documents but can also be used for writing html, troff or whatever.
Ciceros WWW-Home-Page
Cicero is a WYSIWYG wordprocessor running under X11R6.
Caldera to Provide WordPerfect 6.0 for Linux
Based on LessTif - Free Motif clone.
Midnight Commander
Live Video
input from a VCR or Camera.
The world's first trace-and-replay debugger.
xDuel for xxgdb,gdb
Enables to DRAW data structures - arrays, lists and trees.
NAG Fortran 90
Sather is an object oriented language designed to be simple, efficient, safe, flexible and non-proprietary.
Python is an interpreted object-oriented programming language, and is often compared to Tcl, Perl or Scheme. It can function as a scripting/extension language, as a rapid prototyping language, and as a serious software development language.
Phantom has similar goals to Java, but was developed independently.
Java(tm) Home Page
The Java-Linux Porting Project
The Virtual Reality Modeling Language
GNUStep is going to be an implementation of the OpenStep API (Application Programming Interface) published by NeXT.
The Mesa 3-D graphics library
Mesa is a 3-D graphics library with an API which is very similar to that of OpenGL.
Emulates SGI's GL routines under X11.
A comprehensive list of 3D graphics engines
gd 1.2
A graphics library for fast GIF creation

MS Windows developers to migrate their applications cross platform with little or no effort.
Software UNO
Porting C or C++ MS Windows applications to UNIX.
ET Desktop
Executive Tools' port of the Common Desktop Environment (CDE) for Linux. CDE is a graphical user interface and application toolbox that is or will soon be provided by major UNIX system vendors, including DEC, IBM, HP, Sun and others.
CORBA compliant user interface
Home site for distributions
X Applications
X windows graphical programmers editor 100% compatible with BRIEF(r).
Ted : A New Editor for X Window
HexEd is a small binary editor
xearth home page
Xearth sets the X root window to an image of the Earth, correctly shaded for the current position of the Sun.
Sceda: Scene Editor/Animator
X-based, constraint-oriented three dimensional modeller
XAnim is a program for viewing a wide variety of animation formats under X11. Has audio support.
The GIMP: the General Image Manipulation Program
The Advanced Spreadsheet For Business and Technology.
The award-winning spreadsheet. For Linux is being released as shareware, with the same power and functionality as its commercial stablemates on other platforms.
XForms Home Page
A GUI toolkit based on Xlib for X Window Systems
A complete Motif Runtime and Development package.
The Microshaft Project
LessTif - free Motif clone.
Emulate some of the look and feel of the NEXTSTEP user interface.

Linux on the OSF Microkernel
Download MkLinux by ftp
Lites Home Page
Utah Lites Release 1.1.u2
Support for the ext2fs (Linux) and MS-DOS filesystems (x86 only)
A good start at full Linux host support (x86 only)
Utah's version of the linux gnu tools
GNU tools that compile the Utah mach code.
Mach4 kernel for the Intel x86 processor family
Support unmodified Linux network drivers.
GNU Hurd information
A great place for Hurd information.
Hurd info
Linux on Mach
Hurd compatible ext2fs server.

Some Hardware Compatibility Issues
Linux Hardware Compatibility HOWTO

The Linux Laptop Home Page
Some Specific Laptops
IBM ThinkPad
NEC Versa M and P
Texas Instruments TravelMate 4000M
Compaq Concerto
Compaq Contura Aero
Linux, X, and the WD90C24 video chipset

Other Platforms
Linux/Alpha Home Page
Directory of
Linux-FT on the ALPHA PC
Red Hat Linux/AXP 2.1 and the Red Hat HOWTO

LINUX for intel 8086 and zilog Z80
LINUX for Macintosh
Linux for Power Macintosh
Linux for PowerPC
Linux for MIPS
Linux for 68k
Linux for Acorn
The Beginning
Pictures from the International Linux Symposium held 8-9 Dec, 1994 in Amsterdam.
Pictures from the Linux Congress in Heidelberg, Germany.
Running Linux T-shirts

Unix stuff

Unix documentation (in Russian)
Book source code on various unix and net topics
References to different sources on computing in the UNIX environment (general, applications, programming, Linux, Sun Systems, X Windows, networking).
Unix Haters Handbook
Critique of Unix