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Index Entry Section

random29.2 Outputting a Random Number
rcs9.7 Tracking Revisions to a File
rdjpgcom19.1.4 Annotating an Image
rec22.4 Recording a Sound File
rel13.3.1 Sorting Text in Order of Relevance
remembrance-agent13.3.2 Listing Relevant Files in Emacs
rev14.6 Reversing Text
rlog9.7.3 Viewing a File's Revision Log
rm6.6 Removing Files and Directories
rm6.6.1 Removing a File with a Strange Name
rm6.8 Specifying File Names with Patterns
rm8.2.5 Running Commands on the Files You Find
rmdir6.6 Removing Files and Directories
rxvt5.5 Running a Shell in X

saytime28.2 Playing an Audible Time Announcement
scanimage20.2 Scanning Images
scanimage20.2.1 Listing Available Scanner Devices
scanimage20.2.2 Testing a Scanner
scanimage20.2.3 Scanning an Image
sced19.4 Interactive Image Editors and Tools
script4.5 Recording a Shell Session
sdiff9.4.2 Finding the Differences between Files
sed10.2.4 Outputting a Middle Part of a Text
sed10.2.5 Outputting the Text between Strings
sed11.5 Editing Streams of Text
sed14.1.2 Single-Spacing Text
sed14.1.4 Triple-Spacing Text
sed15.5 Searching and Replacing Text
seq29.3 Listing a Sequence of Numbers
sgml2html16.5.3 Generating Output from SGML
sgml2info16.5.3 Generating Output from SGML
sgml2latex16.5.3 Generating Output from SGML
sgml2lyx16.5.3 Generating Output from SGML
sgml2rtf16.5.3 Generating Output from SGML
sgml2txt16.5.3 Generating Output from SGML
sgml2xml16.5.3 Generating Output from SGML
sgmlcheck16.5.2 Checking SGML Document Syntax
SGMLtools16.4.4 Writing Documents with TeX and LaTeX
SGMLtools16.5 Writing Documents with SGMLtools
sh4. The Shell
showcfont17.2.2 Displaying the Characters in a Console Font
showpicture18.6 Additional Image Viewers
shutdownA.2 Shutting Down the System
shutdownA.2.1 Shutting Down Immediately
shutdownA.2.2 Shutting Down at a Certain Time
shutdownA.2.3 Cancelling a Shutdown
sigrot31.5 Making an Email Signature
Skipstone32.1 Browsing the Web
sleep28.6.3 Running a Command on a Delay
slrn33.3.1 Choosing a Newsreader
snd24.1 Working with Selections from Sound Files
sort2.1.6 Unix and the Tools Philosophy
sort8.3.3 Finding the Smallest Directories
sort8.3.4 Finding the Largest Directories
sort12.1.2 Listing the Misspellings in a Text
sort13.2 Making a Concordance of a Text
sort14.4 Sorting Text
sox24.2 Sound Effects
sox24.3 Converting Sound Files
sox24.3.2 Converting MP3 to Another Format
spell12.1.1 Finding the Correct Spelling of a Word
spell12.1.5 Spell Checking in Emacs
spell12.3 Checking Grammar
spellC.2 Applying Copyleft to Your Work
split9.3 Splitting a File into Smaller Ones
startx5.1.1 Starting X
style12.3 Checking Grammar
style12.3.3 Checking Text for Readability
style12.3.4 Checking Text for Difficult Sentences
style12.3.5 Checking Text for Long Sentences
style13.1 Counting Text
suggest12.3.1 Checking Text for Misused Phrases
sview10.3 Streaming Text

tac14.6 Reversing Text
tail10.2.3 Outputting an Ending Part of a Text
tail10.2.4 Outputting a Middle Part of a Text
talk33.6.1 Chatting Directly with a User
tar9.6 File Archives
ted11.1 Choosing the Perfect Text Editor
telnet33.1 Connecting to Another System
telnet33.1.1 Suspending a Connection with Another System
tex16.4 Typesetting with TeX and Friends
tex16.4.2 Processing TeX Files
tex16.4.4 Writing Documents with TeX and LaTeX
tex16.4.5 TeX and LaTeX Document Templates
Texinfo16.4.4 Writing Documents with TeX and LaTeX
texinfo16.6 Other Word Processors and Typesetting Systems
the11.1 Choosing the Perfect Text Editor
timidity22.3.2 Playing a MIDI File
todos27.3 Converting Text Files between DOS and Linux
top3.7.3 Listing All Processes on the System
touch6.1.1 Making an Empty File
touch8.2.3 Finding Files in a Directory Tree by Modification Time
touch9.2 Changing File Modification Time
tr2.1.6 Unix and the Tools Philosophy
tr13.2 Making a Concordance of a Text
tr15.2.8 Finding Phrases Regardless of Spacing
tree6.3.6 Listing Directory Tree Graphs
twm5.6.4 Choosing a Window Manager

ul14.3 Underlining Text
umount25.3.3 Unmounting a Floppy Disk
umount25.4.2 Unmounting a CD-ROM
unameA.5.2 What Version of Linux Am I Running?
unexpand14.1.7 Swapping Tab and Space Characters
unhtml32.6.2 Converting HTML to Another Format
uniq12.1.2 Listing the Misspellings in a Text
uniq13.2 Making a Concordance of a Text
units29.5.1 Converting an Amount between Units of Measurement
uptime3.7.3 Listing All Processes on the System
uptimeA.5.1 How Long Has the System Been Up?

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