What is new

Since the last public release, 1.1.1, January 1999, there have been a number of enhancements to the library system

Free licence
To make the system more useful for more people and place it properly in the free software community the system is now free for both commercial and non-commercial use alike.
Utterance consolidation
A number of tidy ups have been performed on the EST_Utterance and related classes. This makes the interface cleaner and should have littel affect on existsing code.
Generalization of Features
Any new object can become a feature value after simple registration of the object through a provided macro. We also make much more use of this.
SIOD tidy up
Scheme is no longer "in one defun" but "in one directory". The system was split out into separate files. New objects are now held as EST_Val and it is easier to add new objects to the system.
C++ class documentation
We now include documentation on a per class basis using the DOC++ system and docbook for more general descriptions and examples. This has improved the coverage and quality of low level documentation for all classes in the system.
Tilt Analysis/Resynthesis
For intonation analysis the tilt code has been completely rewritten.