The library was written by Paul Taylor, Richard Caley, Alan W Black and Simon King, during the periond 1994-1999.

During this period, the above people were supported by the UK Physical Science and Engineering Research Council though grants GR/J55106, GR/K54229, GR/L53250, by Sun microsystems, AT and T and Reuters.

Other contributors

We are extremely grateful to the following people who have made their code available for general use. We should make it clear that these people did not directly participate in the development of the library and hence cannot be held responsible for any problems we have introduced in the use of their code.

Markus Mummer
Waveform re-sampling routine (rateconv)
Tony Robinson
Provided cepstral and LPC routines
Richard Tobin and LTG
RXP, an XML parser.
Paul Bagshaw
the pitch tracker
Craig Reese and John Campbell
ulaw conversion routines
Paradigm Associates and George Carrett
for Scheme in one defun.
Theo Veenker (Utrecht University)
IRIX audio support.
Rick Woudenberg
Inspiration for the design of the wave class
Borja Etxebarria
LPC reflection coefficients
Simmule Turner and Rich Salz
editline command line editing library
Henry Spencer
for his regex code taken from the FreeBSD 2.1.5 distribution.
The Regents of the University of California.
for some string comparison code.