na_record Audio file recording

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na_record [options] [-h ] [-f int] [-time int] [-o ofile] [-otype string] [-F int] [-obo string] [-oswap ] [-ostype string] [-p string]

na_record records wavefors from an audio device. It only supports recording for N seconds (default is 10). Specifiying the frequency defines the recording frequency (if supported by the hardward). This currently doesn't support NAS audio in.



options help


int Input sample rate


int Wave length in seconds


ofile Output filename. If not specified output is to stdout.


string Output file type, (optional). If no type is Specified the type of the input file is assumed. Supported types are: nist, est, esps, snd, riff, aiff, audlab, raw, ascii


int Output sample rate in Hz. If this is different from the input sample rate, resampling will occur


string Output byte order: MSB, LSB, native, or nonnative. Suns, HP, SGI Mips, M68000 are MSB (big endian) Intel, Alpha, DEC Mips, Vax are LSB (little endian)


Swap bytes when saving to output


string Output sample type: short, mulaw, byte or ascii


string audio device protocol. Ths supported types are sunaudio audio_command netaudio