ch_lab Label file manipulation

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ch_lab [input file1] [input file2] -o [output file] [-h ] [-S float] [-base ] [-class string] [-combine ] [-divide ] [-end float] [-ext string] [-extend float] [-extract string] [-f int] [-itype string] [-key string] [-lablist string] [-length float] [-lf int] [-map string] [-name string] [-nopath ] [-o ofile] [-off float] [-ops ] [-otype string " {esps}"] [-pad string] [-pos string] [-q float] [-range float] [-sed ifile] [-shift float] [-start float] [-style string] [-vocab ifile] [-verify ]

ch_lab is used to manipulate the format of label files and serves as a wrap-around for the EST_Relation class.



Options help


float frame spacing of output


use base filenames for lists of label files


string Name of class defined in op file




float end time (secs) for label extraction


string filename extension


float extend track file beyond label file


string extract a single file from a list of label files


int sample frequency of label file


string type of input label file: esps htk ogi


string key label file


string list of labels to be considered as blank


float length of track produced


int sample frequency for labels


string name of file containing label mapping


string eg. Fo Phoneme


ignore pathnames when searching label lists


ofile output gile name


float vertical offset of track


print options


string " {esps}" output file type: xmg, ascii, esps, htk


string Pad with "high" or "low" values


string list of labels to be regarded as 'pos'


float quantize label timings to nearest value


float different between high and low values


ifile perform regex editing using sed file


float shift the times of the labels


float start time for label extraction


string output stype e.g. track


ifile file containing list of words in vocab


check that only labels in vocab file are in label file