Chapter 2. Viewing Log Files

By default, the currently viewable log file is refreshed every 30 seconds. To change the refresh rate, select Edit => Preferences from the pull-down menu. The window shown in Figure 2-1 will appear. In the Log Files tab, click the up and down arrows beside the refresh rate to change it. Click Close to return to the main window. The refresh rate is changed immediately. To refresh the currently viewable file manually, select File => Refresh Now or press [Ctrl]-[R].

To filter the contents of the log file for keywords, type the word or words you are looking for the Filter for text field, and click Filter. Click Reset to reset the contents.

You can also change where the application looks for the log files from the Log Files tab. Select the log file from the list, and click the Change Location button. Type the new location of the log file or click the Browse button to locate the file location using a file selection dialog. Click OK to return to the preferences, and click Close to return to the main window.