Status XTextPropertyToStringList(text_prop, list_return, \
       XTextProperty *text_prop;
       char ***list_return;
       int *count_return;


text_prop Specifies the XTextProperty structure to be used.
list_return Returns a list of null-terminated character strings.
count_return Returns the number of strings.


The XTextPropertyToStringList() function returns a list of strings representing the null-separated elements of the specified XTextProperty structure. The data in text_prop must be of type STRING and format 8. Multiple elements of the property (for example, the strings in a disjoint text selection) are separated by NULL (encoding 0). The contents of the property are not null-terminated. If insufficient memory is available for the list and its elements, XTextPropertyToStringList() sets no return values and returns a zero status. Otherwise, it returns a nonzero status. To free the storage for the list and its contents, use XFreeStringList().

See also

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Christophe Tronche, [email protected]