KeySym XLookupKeysym(key_event, index)
      XKeyEvent *key_event;
      int index;


key_event Specifies the KeyPress or KeyRelease event.
index Specifies the index into the KeySyms list for the event's KeyCode.


The XLookupKeysym() function uses a given keyboard event and the index you specified to return the KeySym from the list that corresponds to the KeyCode member in the XKeyPressedEvent or XKeyReleasedEvent structure. If no KeySym is defined for the KeyCode of the event, XLookupKeysym() returns NoSymbol.

See also

XLookupString(), XRebindKeySym(), XStringToKeysym(), XRefreshKeyboardMapping(), XButtonEvent, XMapEvent, Keyboard Utility Functions.
Christophe Tronche, [email protected]