KeySym XStringToKeysym(string)
      char *string;


string Specifies the name of the KeySym that is to be converted.


Standard KeySym names are obtained from X11/keysymdef.h by removing the XK_ prefix from each name. KeySyms that are not part of the Xlib standard also may be obtained with this function. The set of KeySyms that are available in this manner and the mechanisms by which Xlib obtains them is implementation dependent.

If the KeySym name is not in the Host Portable Character Encoding, the result is implementation dependent. If the specified string does not match a valid KeySym, XStringToKeysym() returns NoSymbol.

See also

XConvertCase(), XKeycodeToKeysym(), XKeysymToString(), XLookupKeysym(), Keyboard Utility Functions.
Christophe Tronche, [email protected]